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Some new timepieces
Sunday, 02 December 2012 23:40

A friend and I picked up a couple of new watches for the collection (see my love of watches explained here.)

The watch I got was a second hand G-Shock in near new condition. As you might expect from a quartz digital, it has oodles of features. 5 alarms, 24 hr countdown timer and stopwatch, 48 city world time plus multiband 6 solar atomic capability. Being a G-Shock, it's probably bombproof as well.

I haven't worn digitals on my wrist since I was a little kid. Not only was this my first ever G-Shock, it was also the first digital I'd owned for many years. To be honest I got it mostly to try out the multiband 6 atomic function; so far I love it. The watch syncs flawlessly to the UK tower every night at 1.02 whether it's left near a window or not. This is going to be super handy when flying through Europe, the US and Japan – as long as I remember to reset the home city to the new location upon landing.

I paired it with a Suunto scuba clipper compass that sits on the resin strap. Now it shows magnetic north in addition to telling time. You can get G-Shocks which have internal compasses, but I can't bring myself to trust them; I prefer the traditional oil filled compass.

Looks wise it's just... chunky. If the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is Bruce Wayne's Lamborghini, the G-Shock is Batman's Tumbler. No one would ever accuse this brick of being beautiful, but boy is it useful. G-Shock's model number is GW2310-1ER. After a little investigation, it apparently uses the same internal module as the hugely popular GW6900 G-Shocks.

G-Shock solar atomic wristwatch
Quick photo of the G-Shock solar atomic GW2310-1ER (a bit dusty.)

My buddy shelled out his hard earned cash on a Rotary automatic. Brand new, very nice with a glass caseback so the movement inside is visible. While it looks exactly like a chronograph, I was surprised to find out it isn't.

The subdials indicate months (12 o'clock), days of the week (9 o'clock) and a 24 hour clock (6 o'clock). What at first appears to be a moonphase in the 6 o'clock subdial is really a simple day/night indicator which moves in sync with the 24 hour clock.

The buttons on either side of the crown are there to help set the time. I found that out by mistake when I pushed the top button to start the chrono and it did something else! The piece arrived on a very nice stitched crocodile leather strap. I imagine any standard Rotary steel bracelet would fit as well.

Your average man's watch these days seems to be 42mm or larger. At 38mm across this watch is noticeably smaller on the wrist, which gives it a somewhat vintage look. Rotary's model number for this is GS02377/01.

Rotary automatic wristwatch
Quick photo of the Rotary automaic GS02377/01.

After a few days my friend and I checked his Rotary against my G-Shock atomic right after a manual sync. The Rotary was running just over 40 seconds fast, so the tolerance is about +10 seconds a day. That doesn't hit COSC standards, but good lord it was brand new for under £150! I was highly impressed.

So I learnt something new – watch lovers, don't sniff at Rotary just because their pieces won't hit you for £3000. They make some darn good autos.

Christmas in the West End
Monday, 26 November 2012 19:56

It's Christmas time again and the weather has been cold and rainy. The inner city is bright and cheerful though as most of this year's Christmas decorations have been lit. I haven't been to Trafalgar Square to see if there is a big Christmas tree, but the street decorations around Oxford Circus look great!

Carnaby Steet christmas decorations
Carnaby Steet christmas decorations.

Regent Steet christmas decorations
Regent Steet christmas decorations.

Carnaby Street has a long line of giant snowflakes (I think that's what they are) which look like clusters of LP records by famous British bands. It's a bit hard to make out in these small web photos, but the closest snowflake has an LP record with the Rolling Stones iconic red lips logo in the middle. Bands shown on other snowflakes include The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Stretching the length of Regent Street from north to south is a display of very pretty white Christmas lights. It's snowy tree branches shaped like reindeer antlers, with images telling some kind of story as one passes each sign. The closest one I photographed has 3 hens in it and the next sign has 4 birds of some kind, so I guess the story is the 12 days of Christmas. Not 100 percent sure on that though.

Pure London 2012
Monday, 17 September 2012 14:19

A couple of weeks ago we attended Pure London August 2012 to check out the spring/summer collections for next year. As much a trade fair as a fashion show, Olympia was full of retailers and brand manufacturers networking and placing orders. Fashion4Fair made a nifty little video of the event below.

What went on at Pure London 2012.

We caught up with old friends, made a bunch of new ones, saw some eyecatching brands and ordered samples of some of the more interesting new products about to hit the market. We'll be anouncing all the new stuff soon as soon as we're in position to start selling it.

We've got a new look website
Thursday, 16 August 2012 22:27
belts and briefcases UK

After a long time away, we're back. The Olympics has come and gone, our nice new custom template is installed and the old previous website template has now been discarded.

There's a brand new shop category for cufflinks which is now open. It's still only half finished but we'll be adding to it as we go. Keep an eye out for our new super size images which will be coming soon.

XL belt now in store
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:06
belts and briefcases UK

Great news - the big guys no longer have to miss out anymore. One of our most popular men's belts is now available in XL sizes. In addition to the regular waist lengths, this absolutely cracking black leather belt is also in stock for larger waists from 120cm up to 145 cm. Click here to purchase!

Winter hat range now available
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:53

A message to all UK retail business clients: the new winter 2012/13 range of mens and ladies Italian luxury hats can now be ordered exclusively from Belts and Briefcases! Full price list and product samples available for immediate viewing on request as usual.

Minimum quantity is 6 pieces per product. Orders must be received by 30/05/12 so we can send them to Italy in time to catch their scheduled production run.

Goods will be delivered directly to your shop or showroom outlet by mid November. For further details or to arrange a product viewing please contact us directly.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: (+44) 20 8297 0669

Order deadline: Wednesday 30th May, 2012

2013 winter hat range for men
2012/13 winter hat range for men.

2013 winter hat range for women
2012/13 winter hat range for women.
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