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Add some colour to your briefcase
Monday, 26 March 2012 20:12

Everywhere you look, the standard colours for briefcases these days are either black or occasionally brown. For some reason other colours don't get much of a look in. Maybe it's because people think conservative shades like black and brown are more suitable for a work environment.

Personally, we're a bit bored with the same old uniform look all the time. There's no harm in splashing out on a bit of colour every once in a while. So we asked our resident photographer to snap photos of one of our Ashwood cognac coloured briefcases, and it came out so well we thought we'd post it here (the bag looks even better in real life.)

cognac briefcase

cognac briefcase

Just like the black coloured version, the briefcase has two main internal sections and a couple of large pockets at the front. The usual mobile phone and pen holders are inside and a matching leather shoulder strap is included.

There's also an A4 size zipped pocket at the back for storing newspapers or magazines so you can quickly retrieve them without having to open the main flap. Click here for more.