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Our cookies are helpful

Website cookies are tiny text files that all websites place on our hard drives to make our visits easier and more enjoyable. Some cookies are crucial for websites to function; other cookies remember things so your browsing is not constantly interrupted to attend to mundane background tasks.

How our cookies help you

Essential cookies

These cookies make Belts and Briefcases work. They give you access to secure areas of checkout and help you do the things you came for – browse and go shopping! Core functions such as the customer login or the shopping cart wouldn't work without them.

Information cookies

Information cookies measure general statistical trends about how our website is used. This data helps us see which parts of the website are popular with visitors and which aren't. Information cookies are a handy guide for us to improve the website so it's better for everyone. All statistics are completely anonymous; these cookies never identify individuals.

Settings cookies

Nobody likes filling in a form twice! So whenever you type your name and contact details into a form, these cookies remember it so you don't have to retype everything next time. They also store custom preferences you set, such as making the page text larger. With a settings cookie you don't have to manually enlarge the text on every new page – the cookie does it for you.

Advertising and third party cookies

Look around and you'll notice Belts and Briefcases does not have adverts, so we don't use advertising cookies. Some pages which display content from other websites will have third party cookies. For example, a page you're on might have an embedded YouTube video. Third party cookies from YouTube enable the video to be played here so you don't have to search YouTube to see it.

Allowing our cookies

Belts and Briefcases is set to allow cookies in order to give you the best possible online experience. If you continue to use our website, we will assume you are happy to accept the cookies we use.

If you're not a fan of cookies, they can be disabled instantly by changing your browser settings. If you do so we cannot guarantee the shopping cart, login or checkout areas will work, and third party content like YouTube videos or social media buttons might become unusable.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our cookies. For more information about cookies and how to control them, please visit: